jQuery Simple Sync Scrollr

Tiny jQuery plugin which allows scroll multiple scrollable areas of the page synchronously.

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Simply start scrolling any pane and you'll see how others will scroll automatically. Synchronously.

Choose option to sync scroll position by

outer container height/width inner content (nearest visible block) inner content (next visible block)
Scroll inner content blocks synchronously

Easily attach custom callbacks to any event.

on reached the top!
on reached the bottom!
on touched left corner!
on touched right corner!
on scrolled!
Crossbrowser support

Crossbrowser support

Compatible with any modern browser!

Lightweight Fast and Smooth

Lightweight and Fast

Size of minified jQSSS plugin is only ~5KB! Lightning fast speed even with dozens of scrollable panes.

Simple and Useful

Simple and Useful

jQSSS provides simple and useful API for Quick start